Get Free Samples of Beauty Products from Spawake

Get Free Samples of Beauty Products from Spawake

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Spawake the awakening of natural skin beauty with Sea Spa, a beauty treatment enriched with the goodness of sea is your everyday Sea Spa at home. Now for limited time you have a chance to try their product at free of cost without paying a single penny. Just follow below steps and get your free sample, delivered at your doorsteps.

Steps To Get Free Samples From Spawake:

  1. Click Here To Go To Free Sample Page.
  2. Fill Up All the Fields. You need to register as a female.
  3. Click On Submit Button.
  4. Check your details and click on the Submit button on the next page.
Done. Your Spawake Sample And Beauty Products will Be Delivered Within 5-7 Working Days.


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Notiby is giving Rs 20 [100 noties] on sign up using the referral code given below & get Rs 15 [75 noties] per refer. You can redeem your noties as Paytm cash, Payumoney points, Pizza hut, Lifestyle, BMS, Shopper Stop, Pantaloon vouchers. There are many more ways to earn money in this app.

Steps To Earn Using Notiby App :

  1. Download Notiby App - Click Here
  2. Install And Open App
  3. Click On Signup
  4. Now Enter Your Details Like Name, Email, Mobile Number
  5. Enter Referral Code : JANOTI676 [To Get Rs 20 On Signup]
  6. Now Verify Your Mobile Number using OTP
  7. Now Click On "Refer A Friend" Tab 
  8. Copy Your Referral Code And Share With Your Friends To earn More
  9. Your Friend Will Get Rs.20 [100 Noties] As Signup Bonus And You Will Get Rs.15 [75 Noties] Per Refer
  10. Referral Noties Will Be Credited To Your Account When Your Referred Friend Walkin Their Partner Place

Steps To Earn Noties By Walkin To Partner Places Of Notiby App :

  1. Open Notiby App
  2. Search Your Area From The Above Search Bar
  3. Find Suitable Partner Store Near To Your Home
  4. Note Down Address Of Selected Store
  5. Walkin To The Store And Turn On Your Bluetooth
  6. Walkin Noties Will Be Added To Your Account

Steps To Redeem Your Earnings :

  1. Open App And Click On Menu
  2. Now Select Npocket From Menu
  3. Click On Redeem
  4. Now Select Any Voucher And Click On Redeem Gift card

Minimum Redeem Amount :

  • Paytm Minimum Redeem : Rs.125
  • PayUMoney Minimum Redeem : Rs.125
  • BMS Minimum Redeem : Rs.100
  • Pizza Hut Minimum Redeem : Rs.100
  • Pantaloons Minimum Redeem : Rs.100
  • Lifestyle Minimum Redeem : Rs.100
  • Shopper Stop Minimum Redeem : Rs.100
MagicX App: Refer and Earn- ₹25 on Signup + ₹10 per referral

MagicX App: Refer and Earn- ₹25 on Signup + ₹10 per referral

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MagicX is offering Rs 25 free credits if you use referral code while signing up. Also you can refer your friends to this app and get Rs 10 paytm cash per referral. Hurry up and avail the offer.
MagicX is your one stop app for everything! Order anything and it get its for you.
Chat, order anything and it would get it delivered at your doorstep. It is almost like a personal assistant whom you can ask something, pay for it, and its done!
How to get Rs 25 free recharge ?
2. Now open the app and enter registration details. Enter referral code –  LKKTAK
magictiger app register for a new account and earn Rs 50
3. Verify the mobile number using one time password
4. Now click on top left icon >> Add Paytm Account
5. Now chat with MagicX customer care and provide them details of your recharge of Rs 25 or more like mobile number and operator
6. That’s it !! Rs 25 will be deducted from CREDITS and recharge of Rs 25 will be done.
You can get the following services from this app –
• Food: Now have food from any restaurant you want to by just sending us a message.
• Groceries: Don’t you wish if someone else could do your groceries for you. MagicTiger delivers them as per your convenience!
• Pay bills: Tired of remembering your due dates and paying bills, we do it for you. We remind you to pay your bills and also help you paying them easily.
• Travel : Planning a vacation? We make it easy for you with the best deals and packages for travel and stay. We also book on your behalf and get your tickets delivered to you.
• Movies and events ticket booking: Movies, events – come to us and we would get your tickets booked.
• Laundry: Get your dirty linen washed, you can also subscribe to us for regular services and we would take care of all your laundry on regular basis.
• Cakes, flowers and gifts: Pamper your loved ones – be it a bunch of flowers or that Special cake!
• Appointments and reservations: Stop worrying about your reservations and appointments, we are here to do that for you. Be lazy while we do everything for you.
• Household services: Tired of searching for plumbers, electricians, etc. We get you all these services too.
TallentBox: Unlimited PayTM Cash Loot

TallentBox: Unlimited PayTM Cash Loot

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How To Get Rs50 As Joining Bonus From TallentBox Site :-

  1. First of all Register Yourself on TallentBox Site by Clicking Here.
  2. Register a New Account
  3. Verify Your Email Account by clicking on the verification link you got on your registered Email.
  4. Now after successfully verifying your email, Login to Your TallentBox Account.
  5. That’s It, You Get 50 Points Which is Equivalent Rs 50.
  6. Now Start Referring Your Friend to Earn More.

How To Refer & Earn More PayTm Cash From TallentBox Site :-

  1. There is no limit of Referring Friends, so you can Refer unlimited friends.
  2. To Get your Refer Link, Click to My Account.
  3. Start Sharing your Refer Link With Your Loving Ones.
  4. You’ll Earn Rs 10 Per Refer.
  5. There is no need of OTP Verification.
  6. You just have to verify your Email for Activating Your Account.
  7. You can Earn Unlimited Paytm Cash Through Refer and Earn Program of this website.
  8. To Check Your Earning, Goto My Tallentbox and Then Select Refer and Earn Option.

How To Redeem Your Earnings As PayTm Cash :-

  1. You Can Withdraw a minimum of Rs500 As PayTm Cash.
  2. You can withdraw a minimum of Rs2000 As Bank Transfer.
  3. Your Redemption Request Will be Proceed Twice a Month that is 15th and 30th every month.
  4. You will be contacted by them through Email Regarding Redemption Details.

Unlimited Trick To Loot PayTm Cash From TallentBox Website :-

  1. Its an Online Website Which is Offering Refer and Earn Program So You can Easily Loot It.
  2. You Just Need to Change IP Address Everytime to Make Successful Self Refer.
  3. Use Gmail Dot Trick To Loot From PayTm Cash from this website.
 How to wake up on time with Mimicker Alarm app for Android

How to wake up on time with Mimicker Alarm app for Android

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You set your alarm to ring exactly at 6 in the morning and dozes off. But slowly what was thought of as a doze turns out to be a deep sleep. When the alarm rings at 6, the sleepy you turns around and dismisses the alarm. You are in for a treat when you wake up at your usual time of 10 o’ clock. You might have missed an important meeting, a date or a picnic with friends. All the curses goes to the alarm and not to the sleepy you. So is there a solution? Well, apparently yes. We have got a brand new application tailor cut for you. Let me introduce the Mimicker Alarm app to you. Mimicker Alarm app is an interactive alarm application for android. You can’t dismiss it just like that. If you want to dismiss the alarm, you need to do everything that the app asks you to do. By the time you satisfy the app’s requirements, the sleepy you in you will be wide awake and ready to start the day. Read on, to learn all about this super cool app for android.

First of all, you need to get the Mimicker Alarm app from Google Play Store. You can get it from here.

If you want to use the Mimicker Alarm app, you need to agree to the manufacturer’s terms and conditions. Everything that you upload to the Mimicker Alarm app will be sent to Microsoft Project Oxford for improving the app’s performance. If you are not okay with this privacy invasion, you can choose to click on theCANCEL button. And if you do not mind the privacy issues, you can ACCEPT the terms and conditions and start using the Mimicker Alarm app.

Once you accept the Terms and Conditions, you will be asked to set an alarm by clicking on the Plusbutton as shown in the screenshot.

You can adjust time by clicking on the digital clock. You can also select which all mimics you want. If you do not want your photos to be sent to Microsoft, you can just opt for Color capture and Tongue twister by clicking on the Mimics option.

You also have the option to set Vibration for your alarm.

If you want, you can change the default Alarm nameand Alarm ringtone by clicking on respective options. Once you are all done, hit on Save button at the bottom. That’s it, your alarm is set.

Once you hit the Save button, you will be shown a toast telling you how much time is left for your alarm to go off.

When it’s time, the alarm goes off. And as with any other alarm, you have the option to normally snooze your alarm.

Twist pops up when you try to dismiss the alarm.

Based on the mimics you have set, you will be asked to perform any one of the tasks by the app. If you fail to complete it on time, the alarm will keep on ringing. In the given screenshot, the app has given the user a tongue twister.

If you get the task right, the app allows you to download it to your phone or share it with your friends.

Another task is Color capture. Here you have to capture the color Mimicker Alarm app asks you to capture. If you get it right, you will be able to dismiss the alarm.

The next task available is Capture face. You will be required to capture your happy face or sad face in this task. As before, only if you get it right, you get to dismiss your alarm.

Now you need not worry about the sleepy you mechanically dismissing the alarm and getting back to sleep. With Mimicker Alarm app, you can sleep peacefully with the complete trust that you will wake up on time. Hope you had fun reading the article.

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How To Send Files Of Any Format Through Whatsapp

How To Send Files Of Any Format Through Whatsapp

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Has it even been in your secret wish list to be able to send files of any format through your favourite chat app, Whatsapp? Whatsapp currently allows its users to send audio, video or image files. But the dream of sending files of other formats like pdf, apk, docx, txt etc are still so far away from coming true. It often comes as a necessity, rather than a luxury. Opening another application to send a file while we are engaged in a converstion on Whatsapp can be quite a hideous task, and if we are able to send the file through Whatsapp itself, it definitely would be pretty cool. We are here to make your dreams come true. Read on, to learn how to send files of any format through Whatsapp without the help of any third party software.

First of all, locate the file you want to send through WhatsApp from your file explorer. In this article, I would like to take you through the steps for sending the apk file of a popular video/voice calling app named imo to my friend on WhatsApp.

Once you have selected the application, click onRename button to change the extension of the app. The extension is to be changed because by default,Whatsapp doesn’t let you send files of apk format. So if you change the extension of the file to any of theWhatsapp supported extensions, you can trickWhatsapp into sending your apk file.

In this example I have appended the extension .mp4to my file, imo.apk. Refer to the following screenshot if you have any doubts. Instead of .mp4, you can use.mp3 or .jpg or .png if you wish.

When asked for Rename Confirmation, hit OK button.

Once you have added the extension successfully, you can attempt to send it through Whatsapp. You can select the file and click on Send button.

You will be asked to choose an application To complete your action of sending the file. SelectWhatsapp from the list of applications. OnceWhatsapp opens, you can select the friend you want the file to be sent from the classic Whatsapp listview.

Viola! Your file will now be sent just like how a video would be sent over Whatsapp.

Once it’s all over, you can head back to your File Explorer and rename the file to make it useful again. Don’t forget to ask your friend to delete the .mp4extension at the end of the recieved file before using it.

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How To Start Hidden Chess Game In Facebook Messenger App

How To Start Hidden Chess Game In Facebook Messenger App

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Ever wondered of a chess game that lays hidden on your Facebook Messenger?Chess is a game cherished by most of us ,that requires a bit of work for the most important organ,the brain, in our body.It helps you build your intellectual skills and teaches you how to concentrate wisely and tact things in different angles. Facebook Messenger, along with its beautiful social features,news and games has launched chess too.Here we will provide you with the steps to launch chess which may require unlocking it first.

Chess can be played live with your friends on conversation once you have the Facebook Chat messenger available with you.Also it has a prerequisite of typing a phrase first that will help you follow towards the game.
Unlock And Launch Chess Game

Step 1:

Log in to your facebook account and pick up a friend to start your conversation.

Step 2:

While conversing with your friend with whom you want to play the chess game, you will have to type the phrase@fbchess play in the chat window.This launches the game on your chat window as shown.

Step 3:

Depending on whether you play on your desktop or your mobile app, your friend gets to play first.

Step 4:

Now,you need to remember certain notations you need to follow while playing it.They help you specify the piece which you want to move.

Q for “Queen”

B for “Bishop”

R for “Rook”

K for “King”

N for “Knight”

P for “Pawn”

Step 5:

Each of the above can be moved by making use of commands which involves letters and numbers that will specify the space to which you want to move the particular piece.For example, @fbchess Qc4 moves the queen to that space. If more that one space is available for that particular move, you will have to select the specific choice.

Step 6:

If you regret your move, you can always type the phrase@fbchess undo which undoes your move.But this requires the opponent to approve your request.

Step 7:

You can have the chess played in a full screen by tapping on the chat menu settings icon and selecting View Full Conversation part.

Hope you had a good fun reading it.Do try it out and enhance your skills.!

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How to hide folders on your Android device without any app

How to hide folders on your Android device without any app

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:- Often hiding your personal image files or video files from your phone’s gallery is an important thing. Often you end up installing a third party app to do the job for you. But what if I tell you that you don’t need anything but your phone to actually accomplish this task? Cool indeed, isn’t it? Any folder can be hidden from the phone’s gallery by following a simple trick. Are you ready to learn this awesome hack? Read on, then.

  • Let’s say that you want to hide the folder which has the images that you take using your camera. To achieve the same, simply follow the steps below.
  • Launch the file explorer and navigate along the path to the folder that you don’t want to be shown in your gallery of images and videos. Since the folder that we want to hide is Camera, click on DCIM as shown in the screenshot.
  • Under the DCIM folder, spot the sub folder namedCamera, that you want to hide.
  • Long tap on the folder, to rename it. When the operations list pops up, choose Rename operation.
  • You have to append a dot (.) at the beginning of the folder name. Foders that start with a dot (.) will not be shown in the gallery by default. Once you are done, hit OK button.
  • Now you can head back to your gallery to see if the changes have taken place. And viola! The changes are on effect. You can no longer view the folder named Camera in your gallery.
Any folder can be hidden from your gallery by following the steps explained above. It need not be the Camerafolder itself. If you want the folder to be visible again in the gallery, just go to File Explorer and remove the dot (.), that you appended, from the beginning. Try out the hack today itself and make yourself feel safer. Hope you found the article useful.
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8 Amazing YouTube Tricks

8 Amazing YouTube Tricks

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Read on, to try out the 8 most amazing YouTube tricks that you would wish you had known earlier.

1. Drunken YouTube

  • Open YouTube and in the search bar, type in Use the force luke and hit Enter once you are done. You’ll have a drunken YouTube right infront of your eyes. Make sure it doesn’t get a ticket because of you.


2. Download Videos With Single Click

  • Having no direct option to download videos fromYouTube might have frustrtated you a number of times. If you want a workaround, simply add ss right before in the video URL that you want to download. Don’t forget to hit Enter of course.


  • Previous step will take you to, from where you can easily download the video in the required format.

3. Add Some Colour

  • If you think that your YouTube is too dull for your vibrant nature, you could try adding some colour to it. Simpy type in doge meme in the search bar and hitEnter. Sit back and enjoy the magic.


4. Create GIF Out Of YouTube Videos

  • Ever thought of creating GIF formatted files from your favourite YouTube videos? Well, simply add gifbefore and hit Enter.


  • Once you are automatically taken to the GIF maker, you can decide the length of your GIF file. ClickCreate GIF button once you are all set.

5. Start Video At A Specific Time

  • Do not have the time to drag through the video to get to a particular point? You can always get to a particular point in a video by adding #t= followed by the time instance to the end of your YouTube video URL. For eg, #t=1m5s. Take the following screenshot as a reference.


6. Activate Keyboard Mode

  • The little rodent is just too adamant to move as per your instructions? You could activate the keyboard mode for operating YouTube. Just add /leanback at the end of as shown in the following screenshot.


7. Turn Off Autoplay

  • Tired of seeing videos playing all by themselves at the end of a video? Just find the Autoplay slider at the top right corner of your page to turn it off.


8. Most Useful YouTube Shortcuts

There are some very useful YouTube shortcuts from your keyboard that can help you save a lot of time. Some of them are:
k= Pause/Play a video.
j= Rewind the video by 10 seconds.
l= Fast forward the video by 10 seconds.
m= Mute a video.
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